Kit Development, an ongoing evolution.

The development of RC models is a slow and meticulous process. The design of RC submarines is no exception. I have chosen to focus on RC submarines because the market is small and there is a limited breadth of models available. I deliberately avoid Alfas, Akula's and Typhoons!  Here at Zero Bubble, I intend to expand that, one boat at a time. 


It can take from a year or two depending on the level of detail and fidelity on the kits to the level of completeness of the kit. Firstly you have to invest time and energy into research. This takes time and due to the nature of my boats I also have to deal with National security issues of foreign countries. All of these designs feature aspects that their respective governments are not keen about sharing.


Once this is complete and a set of drawings are done then the development of the masters can commence. The masters are the patterns from which you create the moulds. Creating the masters is probably the longest part of the whole exercise. Into the masters you invest all the detail and shape that will be expressed in the tooling you create from them.

Creation of accurate and reliable tooling is crucial, once the tooling, the moulds and jigs have been created, then parts of the kit emerge, the better the tooling, the less work needed post processing.

Resolution has rarely been modelled for RC and information on her has been extremely scant, whilst Mike, Borei and Papa have simply not been modelled in RC before. Having these four rare, hand crafted models built, has given me real pleasure and I look forward to seeing and hearing about Clients boats in the water.  I have had the privilege of having RC submariners from around the world order my kits.  Thank you!