RC Model submarine kit, build for Static or Radio control. 1/120 scale.


The project 661 ‘Anchar’ (Anchor) class came about through a 1959 Politburo directive to push the limits of Submarine design in the Soviet Union. With barely the first Nuclear powered submarines of the November Class (Project 627) in the water, the OKB-16 design bureau, forerunner of the Malachite Design Bureau was tasked with creating a design that was expected to push the boundaries of the technology available at the time.The radical nature of this project meant that her design and development would take approximately 10 years, resulting in the first Soviet Titanium hulled submarine. She is also the fastest submarine ever built.


She was designed to carry cruise missiles of the SS-N-70 Starbright type, designed for use against US Carrier groups. She was given the Pennant number K-162, in 1978 this was changed to K-222.Enormous technical challenges had to be met and complex, advanced solutions, tamed, to make this submarine a reality. These challenges were eventually met at significant financial cost, the main factor in her never being put into production. Within the navy her nickname became the “Golden fish’ as it was explained that she figuratively cost her weight in Gold. She was laid down at Severodvinsk in 1963 but was not launched until 1969.


Featuring two compact VM-5 Water cooled reactors, two 80,000hp steam turbines she developed over 230,000 shaft horsepower. This allowed her in 1970 to sustain an underwater speed of 44.7 knots, a world record that still stands.This performance came at the price of damage to fittings and hull integrity. She served in the Northern fleet until 1980 when she suffered a reactor fire. She continued to serve until 1988 when she was placed on reserve. The decision to scrap her was made in 2010 at Sevmash.Her design and innovation paved the way for the high speed Alfa class (project 705 ‘Lira’), the Sierra class (Project 945 ‘Barrakuda’) and also some advanced technologies of the Mike class (Project 685 ‘Komsomolets’.) She was the only twin reactor, twin screwed Titanium hulled submarine built by the Soviet Union.


This Kit is due to be released in October of 2018.