HMS Resolution kit. Re-tooled for the third time! Available in October 2018.

About the Original Submarine.

By the early 1960’s it became increasingly apparent to the British Government that the nuclear strike capability of the RAF’s V-bomber force was vulnerable to Soviet air defences. During the Nassau conference of 1962, the PM, Harold Mc Millan signed an agreement with the United States to lease the Polaris Submarine launched Ballistic missile system. This necessitated the building of a new class of nuclear submarine. This design was to become the Resolution class.

Four Polaris armed Resolution class Ballistic missile submarines were in service by 1969.  (Resolution, Repulse, Renown and Revenge) These submarines constituted Britain’s only Nuclear strike ability. In the early 1980's the Polaris warheads were upgraded to the secret and very expensive Chevaline system designed primarily to penetrate the anticipated Soviet ABM defences around Moscow.  They were operational till the last boat was decommissioned in 1996. During this time the Royal Navy claims that at least one Resolution class Submarine was on continuous, unbroken deterrent patrol. Armed with 16 Polaris A3 missiles they were the largest submarines built in Britain until their replacements, the Vanguard class that were built in the 1990’s.


About the kit.

This kit is currently going through it's third Re-tooling as new information has come to light with regards to Engineering drawings recently obtained from the Ministry of Defence.  I am confident that this latest rendition of Resolution is the most accurate in 1/120 scale currently on the market.


The Hull is divided into a top and bottom hull. They are made of hard waring and durable Polyester resign fibreglass. The sail / Fin components are also made of Polyester resign fibreglass.

The kit comes with basic components including the following:

Hull halves (top and bottom)

2 Sail sides and top piece.

Fore planes, 2 pieces

Stern planes, 4 pieces

Rudders Upper and lower 3 pieces.

Illustrated construction booklet.

Kit does not include screw, Masts (Periscopes, etc) or shaft.

Kit does not include paints, glues ,stand or cylinder and electronics.

Length: 1050mm  Width: 90mm.


Parts may vary slightly from those shown in pictures,  they will need sanding, adjustment and possible re-scribing.


Resolution kit $180 AUD + P&P