Zero Bubble Model Design


My Name is David Hughes and I am the sole operator of Zero Bubble model design, located just north of Sydney, NSW Australia.

I am a model maker with 20 year’s experience.  I have designed and flown numerous scale Radio controlled Gliders and have for the last 15 years designed and developed over 10 RC Scale submarine designs.


Three of my designs are featured here and are offered as basic kits.  They are kits Ideally suited to radio control application and are based on two rarely modelled Nuclear submarines. These kits are durable, the hull components are made of Fibreglass and the appendages are made of hard wearing polyurethane castings.  These models are niche designs in an already niche sector of the RC market.  These kits are intended to be affordable and reasonably priced kits at the lower end of the price spectrum. They offer challenge for the builder who wants to take a basic kit and produce their own version of Rare submarine designs.


These kits are designed for a Water tight cylinder (WTC) that can be configured for either dynamic diving (using forward momentum to drive the boat underwater) or more commonly using a static system (a ballast tank that changes the buoyancy of the boat).  I do not supply dive systems. However both Resolution and Mike currently employ a "2" inch "Subdriver" from Caswell models in the United States.

Soviet Navy Project 685 'Plavnik' K-278 "Komsomolets" Nato: Mike
Soviet Navy Project 685 'Plavnik' K-278 "Komsomolets" Nato: Mike

My RC Submarines.



Important Announcement.

Currently I invest close to 10 hours of effort into creating each hull. This labour is simply not reflected in the cost of the kits as I currently offer them. At $140 AU and $150 AU respectively these kits are well and truly at the lower end of the kit market for average sized Fibreglass submarine kits.

I am a small volume manufacturer and take pride in producing a product, not commonly available elsewhere. I am also on a learning curve and am committed to increasing the quality of my products.


I have found whilst producing kits at this price may be favourable, it is not ultimately realistic and have therefore decided after some deliberation to increase the price of Resolution to $180 AUD and Mike to $160 AUD. This still places these kits at the lower end of the price spectrum and are value for money.

This price increase will be effective from mid April 2017.


Thankyou for your understanding..


 At Zero Bubble I have three kits available for sale. Two are 1/120 scale with a hull diameter of 90mm, and the newest kit is 1/140 with a diameter of 95mm, and are designed for Radio Control application. These kits are basic and just comprise the hull, appendages and fittings (eg, Rudders, Fins and scoops). They also include a brief instruction booklet. They do not include Radio control electronics, Water tight cylinder (WTC) or masts and stand. 


They are designed for experienced modellers who know how to build. The components included will need sanding and adjustment.


My First kit is the Royal Navy Polaris missile Submarine HMS Resolution.


My Second submarine is a kit of the Soviet Project 685 Plavnik K-278 Komsomolets. Nato codename: Mike.  This kit is the only large kit available for radio control of this one off Russian submarine.


In November of 2017, I am proud to announce the offering of a new third kit in the form of the Project 955 Borei class SSBN.


I am currently working on a fourth kit, The Soviet project 661 Papa class SSGN. I anticipate an October 2018 launch.

What's with the name? "Zero Bubble" is a submariner's terms for keeping the submarine level underwater.

Customer service:

Zero Bubble model design is a side business and not my full time occupation.

I do require approximately 6 weeks from order to completion of the kit, as I do not necessarily keep kits in stock. Although if a kit is in stock then I will notify you as the turn around time will be shorter.  I keep in touch with customers throughout the production cycle and when the order is ready to ship to inform you of shipping costs.


As mentioned my kits are basic. They are not precision kits of museum quality. However with elementary modelling skills these three kits will build into satisfying models and handle superbly when built for Radio control.

They are also unique, rare and hand crafted.


Proudly Designed, Engineered and made in Australia.